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  1. Speed & Detail

    We rapidly scan and model your real estate project in your preferred design software.

  2. Processing

    Our property and construction workflows are built on current and accurate real estate data.  

  3. Accessibility

    We match your existing workflow so you can focus on design and project collaboration.


Robotic Imaging digitizes Adaptive Re-Use and Civil Construction Environments at any stage in the project lifecycle so project teams can focus on design and coordination — not change orders and site visits. Here's our ConTech stack. ↴


Laser accurate reality capture ready for building. Your project, online.


Interior and Exterior Building Mapping and Reality Conversions for Rapid and Accurate Design.


Sensors for Mapping, Modeling, Marketing and Cloud Storage.


Virtual Assets for Commercial, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Historic Renovations, Industrial Warehousing, and Retail

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We've digitized

1,000,000+ ft2

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“Robotic Imaging's Point Cloud scanning service is an invaluable tool for obtaining and memorializing existing conditions data that facilitates the generation of accurate models and more efficient design workflow. Their services have eliminated the need for repeat surveys to obtain missing data and improve consultant coordination and communication.”

— Paul Andrew Sgroi, AIA, LEED AP

Principal, Bernardon