LiDAR scanning is a method of 3D imaging that uses light projections to determine an accurate position for every pixel. This captured reality data is called a Point Cloud, which acts as a 3D repository of existing conditions. Point Clouds are the fastest and most accurate way to get to build and maintain 3D information models.

  • Point Cloud Scanning, Duct & MEP
  • As-Built 2D Generation
  • As-Built 3D Modeling
  • Thermal & Infrared
  • Project Progress Scanning
  • Aerial Imaging & Photogrammetry

Robotic Imaging implements robotic systems that project anywhere from 40,000 to 1.5 Million lasers per second — replacing tape measure, stringline and laser level approaches. Our process enables AEC teams to spend more time on design and less time documenting existing conditions. We make LiDAR “Point Clouds” accessible, and deliverable in all file types. Phew!

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